The Chinese-SALSA team was created in January 2006 by INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) as an associate team to facilitate scientific cooperation between a newly formed Chinese group and the INRIA team SALSA. INRIA has provided initial grants to support scientific activities of the team (conducting joint research, producing joint publications and software tools, developing Ph.D. co-supervision program, and co-organizing seminars and conferences). The Chinese group is located at the Key Laboratory of Mathematics, Informatics and Behavioral Semantics of the Ministry of Education of China and the French SALSA team is bilocated at the INRIA Rocquencourt Research Unit and LIP6.

The setup of Chinese-SALSA has been coordinated by Dongming Wang, CNRS Research Director at LIP6 and former member of the SPACES project (where SALSA comes from), who is currently Cheung Kong Professor at Beihang University on leave from CNRS. The team is formed on the basis of several previous academic activities developed jointly by French and Chinese researchers, including a joint workshop held in Paris in 2000 and another held in Beijing in 2004 (at which both Fabrice Rouillier and Philippe Aubry participated), a 3-month stay of Mingsheng Wang as a CNRS associated researcher at LIP6 in 2003, and the visit of Philippe Trébuchet and Guillaume Moroz in Beijing in 2005. Moreover, Fabrice Rouillier has been invited to speak at the Second Summer School in Symbolic Computation being organized by Dongming Wang, Bican Xia and other Chinese-SALSA members in Beijing.

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