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Electric pencil hardness tester
This equipment is suitable for testing the hardness of paint field, especially for metal coating, decorative materials, synthetic leather, etc.


Update time:[2019-11-19]
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Product overview:

Electric pencil hardness tester is specially used for coating hardness test of all kinds of finished products, such as: mobile phone shell, MP3 / MP4 shell, notebook computer shell, etc. The machine is electric (semi-automatic) control, the machine moves through a stepper motor over drive, to achieve front and rear action, low noise, stable! The test stroke can be adjusted according to the specific requirements!

Product parameters:

◆ test angle: 45 degrees

◆ load: adjustable, 500g, 750g, 1kg

◆ moving speed of test platform: 5mm / s, adjustable

◆ travel distance: 45mm

◆ platform: about 200x150mm, fixable sample

◆ power supply: 110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz

◆ attachment: one Mitsubishi standard pencil 6B ~ 6h each

◆ the test platform can be customized according to customer needs

Test instructions:

The electric pencil hardness tester uses the hardness pencil to scratch the surface of the coating to test the surface hardness of the coating layer. The hardness pencil is fixed at an angle of 45 °, so that the front end pen center contacts the surface of the coating layer, and appropriate load is applied. Move the test platform at a certain speed (JIS specification 0.5mm/s) to move the surface of the coating layer through the pen center, and the coating layer will not cause damage (scratch) to the softest pencil grade The hardness of the coating layer is considered.

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