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Price of wear testing machine: wear testing machine can realize on-line automation conveniently
2019-11-19 [389]

Price of wear testing machine: wear testing machine can realize on-line automation conveniently

The price of wear-resistant testing machine, wear-resistant testing machine combined with wear-resistant machine, and DIN standard scrub resistant testing machine, the friction resistance characteristics of the coating surface can be comprehensively evaluated, and now it has become the most widely used instrument for testing the surface wear resistance of various plastic coated products

Wear test machine is a kind of wear test equipment, which is used for the wear test of elastic materials, rubber, tires, conveyor belts, transmission belts, sole, soft synthetic leather and leather materials. The special test paper tape is used as the friction medium, and the fixed load acts on the friction head. The friction head drives the rotating paper tape through the fixed diameter roller and fixed speed motor to continuously apply the force to the sample The wear resistance of the sample is evaluated by the number of rotation of the motor indicated by the counter until the surface substrate is seen or the specific wear degree is reached. The price of abrasion testing machine, abrasion testing machine is suitable for measuring the abrasion resistance of rubber products. It is a very suitable testing machine for comparison test and product balance inspection and classification.

I. price and operating procedures of wear tester:

1. Turn on the main power switch and confirm whether the voltage is normal

2. Take the sole part with insole and upper removed as the sample, with 3 test samples. Draw a line along the widest part of the sole, find out the center point of the line, and then use a cutting knife to make a single cut parallel to the line and as close to the center point as possible. The cutter shall pass through the full thickness of the outsole and into the invert or equivalent. If there are several materials to form the sole, another cut should be made, but the cut must be kept away from the 15mm area of the sole edge, and the initial cut length should be measured with the test magnifier and caliper.

3. Turn on the power switch of the testing machine and adjust the test fixture at the middle bending position, i.e. close to 90 °. Loosen the hex socket screw of the fixture, clamp the prepared pattern into the fixture in turn, and tighten the hex socket screw of the fixture. And cover the safety cover.

4. Press the start key to start the test according to the customer's relevant requirements, bending times and bending speed of the equipment.

5. After the number of tests reaches, the equipment will stop automatically. The price of wear-resistant testing machine: the final length of the cut on the surface of the sample is measured by the testing magnifier and caliper, and the difference between the final cut length and the initial cut length is calculated.

6. Record the test results.

II. Maintenance procedures for wear test machine:

1. After each use of the instrument, first turn off the power supply, remove the tested sample from the equipment, then wipe off the dust and stain on the instrument with a clean dry cotton cloth, and completely restore the normal state before use.

2. The ambient temperature and relative humidity of the instrument should not be too high.

3. When the instrument is used infrequently, it should clean the outside once irregularly, and power on irregularly, so as to prevent the line from getting damp and bad situation.

4. The bearing parts shall be lubricated regularly to extend the service life of the equipment.




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