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Pluggable force testing machine is favored by the majority of users
2019-11-19 [264]

Pluggable force testing machine is favored by the majority of users

The test conditions of the plug-in force tester can be set in written form by the computer, and can be stored. The setting can be checked by the pull-down menu, or the data can be directly input, including test category, determination of movement direction, load measurement range, travel measurement range, travel origin position, travel origin detection, measurement speed, total measurement times, pause time, each waiting position and air pressure times.

The pluggable force tester can store and print graphs. The overload protection function of the load element can ensure that the load element will not be damaged. At the same time, it can display the load stroke curve and the life curve, automatically detect the zero point of the load, and set the origin to detect the load value. Plug force tester is suitable for torque test of various products. With special test software, precise sensors and imported transmission structure, it can test all test data of products more stably and precisely. The equipment is commonly used in mobile phone communication, auto parts, electronic components, computer parts manufacturing, medical, food, packaging, printing and other industries.

The rotary switch, storage box, far and low beam lamp, wiper, steering shaft, steering wheel, etc. of the plug and pull force tester are suitable for rubber plastic, paper products, color printing packaging, adhesive tape, bags and handbags, textile, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, wire and electronic industries. It can test the physical properties of all kinds of materials, finished products and semi-finished products, and choose different clamps for tensile, compression, tension, pressure, bending, tearing, peeling, adhesion, shear and other tests.

The plug force tester adopts the automatic centering device to solve the problems of various connection test clamps, and the male and female connectors can be automatically aligned during the test, without the problem of eating one side. The plug-in force tester is suitable for testing the insertion force and pull-out force of various connectors. Longitudinal force test of plug force tester:

It is necessary to select the zero point position of the load, check out the origin every time, select "g" as the unit, select the test rod to connect the test head of the corresponding specification.

The adjustment position test of the plug-in force tester can test the corresponding stress value of the corresponding stroke. Some customers need zero corresponding stroke at the bottom:

1. Before the test, be familiar with the use of the test software. If the product needs to be tested for continuity, the male and female ends need to be connected into a loop with the lead and the red and black clip.

2. Adjusting stroke: loosen the hexagon socket screw on the eccentric, turn the small handle, and adjust to the appropriate inserting stroke.

3. Pre test: put the product into the fixture, clamp the male end of the product with the male end fixture, clamp the female end of the product with the female end fixture, and rotate the eccentric wheel by hand to see whether the male and female ends are plugged in place and whether the stroke is appropriate.




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