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Plug force tester meets user's requirements
2019-11-19 [254]

Plug force tester meets user's requirements

The plug-in force test function is used for all load tests of the finished mobile phone before delivery, including the test of key pressure, hand feeling, plug-in force of charging port and headphone hole, screen gap, key stroke, screen pressure deformation, key lamp product height and other items

The pluggable force testing machine adopts DSP technology to control the acquisition system, industrial Ethernet data transmission, sampling rate up to 27000hz (invention patent of Nantian Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.), strong anti-interference (more suitable for production line use), the testing data and bar code of each mobile phone can be uploaded, and the unqualified products can be automatically marked; a variety of testing items can be completed at one time; the program function is powerful, with multiple tests One interface of the test unit; each test part of the test product is precisely positioned through the perfect cooperation between the program and the mechanical drive; and the customer assembly line is truly coordinated to realize the unmanned detection of multiple test items.

The test system of plug-in force testing machine is independently developed from the hardware of acquisition card to the program. There is no technical bottleneck in the upgrade of function and technology, and it is suitable for the insertion force and pull-out force test of various connectors. With the help of automatic centering device, it can get the complete and accurate pull-out force test. The test software based on windows and the operation of Chinese interface can easily set the test conditions and store the plug-in force testing machine Test data (test conditions, displacement curve, life curve, inspection report, etc.) can be output and edited.

The plug-in force tester adopts embedded microcomputer measurement and control technology to test the automatic test of insertion and extraction of various connectors. The device adopts high-precision force sensor and LCD blue screen Chinese LCD force display independently developed by our company, which can accurately measure and display the insertion force, pull-out force and real-time force value, and has times setting, speed stroke adjustable, and Display speed value, auto zero, unit conversion, etc. The traditional static electro-hydraulic measurement and control method can not meet the requirements of the current hydraulic system in performance, operation, online monitoring and fault diagnosis, so the development of online monitoring and analysis system is particularly important.

If it is found that there are three main reasons for the failure of displacement system, we will list them for you to deal with the corresponding problems

1. First check the plug force tester. Because the displacement system of the plug-in force tester adopts the three closed-loop control mode, the loop in the displacement system should be disconnected first to make it an open-loop system. Then measure the feedback value of the displacement sensor. After repeated several times, the measured feedback data of the sensor is a linear change line to determine whether the sensor is normal.

2. Then check the amplifier unit. If there is no problem with the displacement sensor, it is important to check the amplifier unit of the tension machine, and the output signal of the normal amplifier unit should have a linear change trend.

3. If the fault is not caused by the above reasons, check whether the computer software setting is correct; or recalibrate and correct the displacement system.




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