Branching Structures: The fifth Bath-Beijing-Paris Meeting

TIME: May 14, 2018-May 18, 2018
LOCATION:Lecture Hall, Jiayibing Building, Jingchunyuan 82, BICMR

      The Bath-Beijing-Paris branching structures meeting in Beijing follows four successful workshops in Bath and Paris. It will be another opportunity to discuss a broad family of stochastic models which exhibit branching phenomena, including Galton-Watson trees, branching random walks and branching diffusions, the Gaussian free field, loop ensembles, fragmentation and coalescent processes, continuous state branching processes and superprocesses, search trees, and many more. Part of the meeting will be set aside for discussing open problems and beginning new collaborations.The Fifth event in the series will be held at the Peking University in Beijing (The Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR)) arrondissement). The talks will take place in the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR), located in the beautiful campus of Peking University.  

    Organization Committee 

    Elie Aidekon  (UPMC Univ Paris 6)

    Julien Berestycki (University of Oxford)

    Dayue Chen  (Peking University)

    Andreas Kyprianou  (University of Bath)

    Zenghu Li  (Beijing Normal University)

    Yanxia Ren  (Peking University)

    Matt Roberts  (Universityof Bath)


    Alex Watson (University of Manchester)

    Alice Callagero  (University of Bath)

    Andreas Kyprianou (University of Bath)

    Chunhua Ma  (Nankai University)

    Elie Aidekon (Université Pierre & Marie Curie-Paris VI)

    Ellen Powell  (University of Cambridge)

    Emma Horton (University of Bath)

    ?ric Brunet (?cole Normale Supérieure)

    Gabriel Berzunza (Georg-August-Universit?t G?ttingen)

    Hao Wu  (University of Southern California)

    Hui He (Beijing Normal University)

    Isaac Gonzales Garcia  (University of Bath)

    Jie Xiong  (University of Macau)

    Juan Carlos Pardo (Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas Mexico)

    Julien Berestycki  (Univ. Offord)

    Leif D?ring  (University of Mannheim)

    Lo?c de Raphélis  (?cole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)

    Matthew Roberts  (University of Bath)

    Minmin Wang  (University of Bath)

    Oren Louidor  (Technion-Israel's Institute of Technology)

    Pablo Ferrari  (University of Buenos Aires)

    Pascal Fabian Maillard  (Université Paris-Sud)

    Pierre Boutaud  (Université Paris-Sud)

    Quan Shi  (Univ. Offord)

    Renming Song  (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

    Roman Stasinski  (Univ. Offord)

    Rui Zhang  (Capital Normal University)

    Sam Baguley  (University of Mannheim)

    Sandra Palau  (University of Bath)

    Sarah Penington  (Univ. Offord)

    Shui Feng  (McMaster University)

    Simon Harris  (University of Bath)

    Thomas Duquesne  (Sorbonne Université)

    Ting Yang  (Beijing Institute of Technology)

    Victor Rivero  (Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas Mexico)

    Xiaowen Zhou  (Concordia University)

    Xinxin Chen  (Université Lyon 1)

    Zenghu Li  (Beijing Normal University)

    Zhan Shi  (Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie - Paris VI)

    Monday 14th May
    9.00-9.30 Reception and welcome
    9.30-10.00 Pascal Maillard
    10.00-10.30 Shui Feng
    10.30-11.00 Tea/Coffee
    11.00-11.30 Thomas Duquesne
    11.30-12.00 Jie Xiong
    12.00-14.00 Lunch and discussion
    14.00-14.30 Simon Harris
    14.30-15.00 Ting Yang
    15.00-17.30 Discussion (with tea/coffee at 15.00)

    Tuesday 15th May
    9.00-9.30 Renming Song
    9.30-10.00 Elie Aidekon
    10.00-10.30 Tea/Coffee
    10.30-11.00 Zenghu Li
    11.00-11.30 Ellen Powell
    11.30-12.00 Hao Wu
    12.00-14.00 Lunch and discussion
    14.00-14.30 Pablo Ferrari
    14.30-15.00 Oren Louidor
    15.00-17.30 Discussion (with tea/coffee at 15.00)

    Wednesday 16th May
    9.00-9.30 Eric Brunet
    9.30-10.00 Xinxin Chen
    10.00-10.30 Tea/Coffee
    10.30-11.00 Leif D?ring
    11.00-11.30 Quan Shi
    11.30-12.00 Sarah Penington
    12.00-14.00 Lunch and discussion
    14.00-18.00 Excursion / free time

    Thursday 17th May
    9.00-9.30 Juan Carlos Pardo Millán
    9.30-10.00 Alex Watson
    10.00-10.30 Rui Zhang
    10.30-12.00 Discussion (with tea/coffee at 10.30)
    12.00-14.00 Lunch and discussion
    14.00-16.00 Discussion (with tea/coffee at 15.00)
    16.00-16.30 Xiaowen Zhou
    16.30-17.00 Vladimir Vatutin
    17.00-17.30 Hui He
    19.00 Banquet

    Friday 18th May
    9.00-9.30 Chunhua Ma
    9.30-10.00 Xinxing Chen
    10.00-10.15 Way forward volunteer
    10.15-10.30 Way forward volunteer
    10.30-11.00 Tea/Coffee
    11.00-11.30 Gabriel Berzunza
    11.30-12.00 Sandra Palau
    12.00-14.00 Lunch and discussion
    14.00-14.15 Way forward volunteer
    14.15-14.30 Way forward volunteer
    14.30-14.45 Way forward volunteer
    14.45-15.00 Way forward volunteer
    15.00-15.30 Tea/Coffee and close
    15.30-17.00 Discussion / wrap-up session

    Accommodation and Travel Information

    Invited participants will stay in No.9 building of "Zhong Guan Xin Yuan" Hotel. By default, rooms have been booked for the arrival on May 13 and departure on May 19. The hotel is across the street of Peking University Campus, about 10-15 minutes' walk to BICMR.

    PKU will cover travel expenses for all the speakers.
    Other participants are responsible for arranging and paying for their own reservations for hotel accommodations and travel expenses. If anyone needs help, please contact Ms. Wenhui Cui.
    Some nearby hotels are avaible here: http://bicmr.pku.edu.cn/content/page/9.html

    Hotel Address: “Zhong Guan Xin Yuan” Hotel (Zhongguanyuan Global Village) 
    No. 126 Zhongguancun North Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100871, China 
    Tel: + (86 10) 62752288 
    Fax: + (86 10) 62752236

    From the Airport to the Hotel: The most convenient way to get the hotel from the airport is to take a taxi. It costs about RMB 120 yuans. You are also responsible to pay the toll of 10 yuans. So you need some pocket money. A possible way to get cash is to find an ATM in the lobby of the airport. You may print this slip and show it to the taxi driver. 

    From the Hotel to the conference venue: A local people will be in the lobby of the Hotel by 8:30 am Monday, May 14 to escort participants from the hotel to the conference venue. You will be on your own all other trips and you will need to show your name card of the symposium as a temporary permit to the campus.  


    Mailing address: Ms. Wenhui Cui

    Room 1274, Science Building No .1, Peking University, Beijing, China 100871

    Phone: +86 10 62751803

    E-mail: cuiwenhui@math.pku.edu.cn

    Fax:+ (86 10) 62751801


    Gmail account is NOT accessible in China. If you get used to gmail account, please prepare for an alternative email account. 谷歌, Tweeter, 脸书, Youtube etc are not available.

    Personal Information

    All necessary measures have been taken to ensure the security of personal information provided for registration. Your personal information will only be used for registering for this conference.

    *Last Name:
    *First Name:
    *Phone Number:
    Arriving Time:
    Departure Time:
    *Do you need us to book accommodation for you? YESNO
    *Validate Code


    Mailing address: Miss Wenhui Cui

    Room 1274, Science Building No. 1, Peking University, Beijing, China 100871

    Phone: +86 10 62751803

    E-mail: cuiwnhui@math.pku.edu.cn

    Fax:+ (86 10) 62751801

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